Sunday, June 17, 2012

Understanding the Consumer Notice

The Pennsylvania Consumer Notice refers to certain mandatory disclosures and information that a realtor is required to provide to a consumer as per the law. This notice is a part of the "Agency Disclosure" legislation that came into effect in 1999.

The notice is designed to help consumers understand upfront and in writing what service options are available to him or her, and specifically which persons are involved in a real estate transaction.

Favoring the Consumers

The Pennsylvania Consumer Notice is a legal document that is meant to support, inform, and protect a consumer before he or she enters into a real estate transaction with an agent. As a consumer, irrespective of whether you are engaging with a realtor to help you sell or purchase a home, or you are attending an open house, you should expect that the realtor will ask you to sign the Pennsylvania Consumer Notice form.

You do not have to be concerned about signing this form because it is a requirement of the law, and the realtor is merely doing a legal duty by asking you to sign the form. In case your initial contact with a realtor is over the phone, the realtor will read out the mandatory parts of the notice to you over the phone orally. He or she will have the notice signed from you physically and actually at the next opportunity.
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